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ASOSERGONS, GONZÁLEZ SUÁREZ FOOD AND CLEANING SERVICES ASSOCIATION, is an organization located in the González Suárez parish, city of Otavalo, Province of Imbabura.

ASOSERGONS, arises from the unemployment that caused the change in institutional policies in the MIES, Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion, since the group of women and men that make up this association worked in the Child Development Centers, as Nutritionist Mothers and Educators, the new MIES policy generated unemployment since the centers no longer required kitchen staff.

The opportunity then arose for an associated group to be formed to distribute food to the Children's Centers and for the senior adult project.

On August 5, 2013, ASOSERGONS is legally recognized by the Institute of Popular and Solidarity Economy IEPS. This organization is made up of 14 women and 3 men from 8 communities. 

By 2023, thanks to the trust of the González Suárez Parish Government, a contract has been signed for the care of 216 children from the child development centers and 70 adults from the Senior Adult Project.

The communities where this service is provided are:

  • Inty Huayco Pungo Tamia Sisa Children's Center

  • Caluquí, Retoñitos de Violeta Children's Center.

  • Casco parish, Rayitos de Sol children's center.

  • Pijal community, Rumiñahui sector, San Pedro children's center

  • Pijal community, Bajo sector, SUMAK WASY children's center

  • San Agustín de Cajas Community, San Agustín children's center.

  • Caluqui Community, project with the elderly


• ASOSERGONS, is made up of 14 women and 3 men, giving a total of 17 members. Currently 13 members work directly in the association and the others have their own businesses.

• 3 families are also given work in the association; thanks to the work and the reimbursable funds it gives a total of 100 beneficiaries.

• During the year 2022, the food service was provided to 120 children and 60 older adults, delivery of products to a total of 180 beneficiaries, but in 2023 we will work with 200 children and 70 older adults, a total of 270 beneficiaries.

• Thanks to the reimbursable funds granted by FEDICE, products can be purchased at a low cost, since in previous years it was purchased from intermediaries at very high costs, which has an impact on the association's economy. Now, it is possible to buy the products at a lower cost.

For example, previously the supplier delivered a box of apple for $45, now it is purchased with cash for $32.

The box of banana was bought for $12, today it can be bought for $7.


As for meat, a pound of chicken was purchased for $1.35 and is now purchased for $1.20, thus different products can now be purchased at a lower cost.

• Thus, FEDICE has been a fundamental pillar for our organization through the reimbursable funds for a value of $12,000, allowing us with this capital to continue investing in the acquisition of provisions to be able to provide food service to children and older adults in compliance with the contract provided on a monthly basis.

• Also in the social field, ASOSERGONS has donated cakes to celebrate different occasions in the children's day centers as well as for the senior adult project.

• The service contracting entity tends to be late with its payments, which is why the reimbursable funds provided by FEDICE has been permanently rotated in the purchase of groceries and other implements detailed below:

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