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1. Name of the project: Increase in working capital 2021-2022.

2. Project value: $ 27 120

3. Number of direct beneficiaries: 13 partner families.

4. Coverage: 340 people.

5. Background

The Organization of food and cleaning service ASOSERGONS, arises from the unemployment that caused the new policies of the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion MIES, since they worked in the Children's Center of Good Living as Nutritionist Mothers and Educators, the new policy The MIES generated unemployment since the CIBVs no longer required kitchen personnel, rather they gave the opportunity to form an associated group to be the ones who distribute the food to the Children's Centers and for the older adults.

On August 5, 2013, the organization is legally recognized in the Institute of Popular and Solidarity Economy IEPS, an organization that is part of the 8 communities as members.This organization is made up of 11 women and 2 men, with a total of 13 members.

6. Description of the project:

The current project consists of the preparation and monthly delivery of food kits for 70 seniors and 240 children of the Gonzalez Suarez parish. To fulfill this purpose, they have the collaboration of the parish GAD.

7. Location

The Organization is located in the González Suárez Parish, in the San Pablo-Imbakucha Lake Basin, 14 km from the city of Otavalo and south of the Otavalo Canton, Imbabura Province.

8. Objectives

8.1. General objective

Provide a good food service, cleaning; for public and private entities that contribute to social, economic and cultural development.

8.2. Specific objectives

a) Train partners in Nutrition and Good Manufacturing Practices (in coordination with the local organizations)

b) Eliminate intermediaries in the raw material acquisition process.

c) Implement new sales strategies through social networks.

d) Carry out participatory monitoring and evaluation.


9. Goals

• We will deliver 700 food kits to the families of the parish.

• We will eliminate intermediaries in the purchase of raw materials.

• We will provide our service to 270 children and 70 elders of the parish.

• We will guarantee 13 jobs for our members.


10. Sources and uses

The cost of the project is $ 27,120 that will be financed by ASOSERGONS and FEDICE.

ASOSERGONS will contribute $ 17,120 for: purchase of raw materials (food), payment of labor, promotion and advertising, and payment for administration, monitoring and evaluation of capital ($ 10,000) received from FEDICE.

The FEDICE contribution is $ 10,000 to buy raw materials (rice, tuna, noodles, canned), the funds will be delivered under the policies of our institution: reimbursable fund for a one-year term, with a surcharge of 15% ($ 1,500) per year. on the capital for management expenses related to this project.

11. Monitoring and evaluation 

FEDICE will carry out quarterly monitoring of the activities and evaluation at the end of the project in order to measure the achievement of goals and objectives.  

The purchases of raw materials will be made by verifying invoices, sales notes. 

The record of the production process will be verified through photographs, videos and testimonies of the beneficiaries.  


All those involved will participate in the evaluation in order to generate valid information for decision-making regarding the continuity of cooperation with ASOSERGONS organization.  



 Inty Huayco Pungo community Tamia Sisa, Rain Flower child development center 

Caluquí Community Retoñitos de Violeta, child development center 

González Suárez Area, Rayitos de Sol child development center 

Pijal community Rumiñahui area SAN PEDRO child development center 

Pijal community SUMAK WUASY, Pretty housem child development center 

San Agustin community San Agustin child development center 

Caluqui community Center of the elderly adult. 

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