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1. TOPIC:Creation and development of a community saving and credit.

2. BENEFICIARIES: 16 families (12 women and 4 men).

3. LOCATION: Province: Cotopaxi. Canton Latacunga. Parish Belisario Quevedo. Neighborhood San Miguel




General Objective:

Strengthen the Community Savings and Credit loans “Crecer Juntos” in the San Miguel neighborhood of the Belisario Quevedo parish


Specífics objectives:

a. Promote the savings culture of the organization's members.

b. Generate access to financing in better conditions.

c. Promote solidarity among partners.

d. Monitor and evaluate the project.




a. Each family saves $ 5 per month. At the end of the first year each family must have $ 60.

b. At the end of the first project, the organization has an operating capital of $ 853.90, which is used for loans to members.

c. Through monthly meetings, members learn to work as an organized group to solve problems.

d. At the moment the meetings are virtual every month, with whom are able to communicate using ZOOM. his process will continue during the pandemic. Later the trainings will be face to face.



The cost of the Project is $11.778,9.00. The organization “Grow together” will finance the 26%. The contribution is distributed among the following items: - Previous project between savings and interest earned has $ 853.9 Each partner will save $ 5 per month and the organization pays $ 1200 (15% of the borrowed capital) for administration, monitoring and evaluation of the project for one year.

FEDICE will give the organization "Grow Together" $ 8,000 which will be divided into 16 family funds of 500 dollars each. In addition, FEDICE contributes 765 dollars to finance the expenses for administration, monitoring and evaluation of the project. The cost of having this organization active is $ 1,965 per year (sum of the cost of mobilizations, technical salaries and administration).

The money that FEDICE delivers to the organization will be invested by families in financing local productive activities, such as:

• Raising animals: calves, pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits and chickens.

• Purchase of merchandise for stores.

• Purchase of raw materials for various family businesses Members of the organization may apply for loans within the organization, for these loans they must pay 2% interest on the capital value, the money collected for this concept becomes part of the capital of the organization. Access to loans depends on member’s participation at meetings, timely payment of loans and savings deposit.



16 families improve their living conditions by increasing family income as a result of the increase in capital of their businesses.



The activities will be monitored through: Zoom meetings, photographs of the Productions, later home visits to see the productions, meetings to analyze difficulties and solve existing problems, recommendations and planning of activities. The activities carried out will be compiled through reports, records and photographs that will be used for the analysis in the evaluation. Se evaluará el avance del proyecto basándose en los objetivos planteados, en el plan de actividades, presupuestos, metas e impactos .se realizará mediante: Reuniones Zoom, visitas, entrevistas con las beneficiarias, reuniones, fotografías, entre otras. En este proceso participaran todas las familias involucradas en el proyecto. The progress of the project will be evaluated based on the objectives set, on the plan of activities, budgets, goals and impacts. It will be carried out through: Zoom meetings, visits, interviews with the beneficiaries, meetings, photographs, among others. All the families involved in the project will participate in this process.

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