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2. Beneficiaries:

Direct: 5 people

Indirect: 300 families form the Pijal Community

Responsible: Encarnación Chicaiza

Project term:  2 years


Province: Imbabura

Canton: Otavalo

Parish: Gonzalez Suarez

Area: Pijal Centro


2. Objectives:


 General objective

Set up a store that offers products of basic necessities to the residents of the Pijal Centro community.


 Specific objectives

• Buy merchandise at Otavalo wholesale distributors.

• Adapt a space for the operation of the store.

• Establish an administrative management model that is in line with business needs.


3. Justification

Approximately 200 families live in the Pijal Centro neighborhood, who must go to the Parish headquarters - Gonzalez Suarez to buy food. Therefore, by opening a store with a wide variety of products, you would avoid displacement and save people money and time.


4. Business strategy

Our product offering will be as follows:

• 80% basic products, such as: rice, sugar, oil.

• 20% dairy products such as: milk, panela, cinnamon.


With this merchandise purchase structure, we are guaranteeing a high turnover of merchandise in the business.




The 33% of the total investment will be financed by the family and the remaining 67% corresponds to the reimbursable fund delivered by FEDICE. The store is expected to remain open 7 days a week. Merchandise purchases will be in Otavalo once a week and also on the days that suppliers visit the premises.


6. Results

  • We will provide a wide variety of basic products for the inhabitants of Pijal Centro.

  • It is an employment opportunity for my daughter, because currently she studies from home.

  • We will have an extra source of income for my family.

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