Planchaloma  is a community located in Toacaso parish, of the Latacunga canton, Cotopaxi province. In this community there were a group of 13 families that in 2019 they organized themselves to work on a dairy cattle production project and increased businesses such as grocery and office-school supplies little store.


After one year of working with FEDICE, they request a new loan and that it be increased to 3 families, now the group is 16 families 11 are to produce dairy cattle and the 5 families to produce guinea pigs.


The organization of 16 families and the FEDICE maintain a communication in which they analyze a project proposal for this, they request a reimbursable fund of $ 11,200 dollars for the production of dairy cattle and for the production of guinea pigs.



  Production of dairy cattle and guinea pigs



COVID 19 is one of the most critical problems at this time, it is not possible to carry out the meetings nor the training and monitoring in the field that is impossible at the present time.


The difficult economic situation, the lack of secure and permanent employment that families are going through, makes it possible to present this alternative in the production of dairy cattle and guinea pigs.



Province:       Cotopaxi

Canton:         Latacunga

Parish:           Toacaso

Community   Planchaloma


Beneficiaries: 16 families.















General objective

Improve the organizational, economic, nutritional and technical standard of living of the Planchaloma families with the production of dairy cattle and guinea pigs.


Specific objectives

  1. Strengthen the organizational part around the productive project.

  2. Introduce dairy cattle and improved guinea pigs.

  3. Development a media monitoring program







a) 16 families are strengthened in the group, they have ratified the board that will support for 1 year in project management and direction of the organization

b) The 11 families produce within the technical parameters, dairy cattle and 5 families produce guinea pigs.

c) 16 beneficiary families communicate the progress of the project in the technical and accounting part by WhatsApp. (calls, video calls and photos)



From the organization. For the COVID-19 pandemic the development of activities will be:

• The use of the mask is mandatory for everyone.

• Before entering the meeting place, wash our hands with soap and water

• At the entrance door to the meeting place, put a tray to disinfect the shoes, which we are going to moisten with chlorine.

• We must put alcohol or disinfectant gel on our hands.

• Avoid shaking hands or hugs

• Please we must keep the distance of at least 1 meter between one and another person.

 • If you have a cough, fever, seek medical attention and DO NOT ATTEND THE MEETINGS


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