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Province: Cotopaxi

Canton: Pujilí

Parish: Yacubamba

Community: Jatun Juigua Yacubamba


2. BENEFICIARIES:541 families, 40 women and 1 man.





Jatun Juigua Yacubamba It is a community that belongs to the Yacubamba parish, of the Pujilí canton. This year we are going to continue working with the 41 families that have complied with the institutional and organization policies. Families are engaged in agricultural production.


The women's organization has complied with institutional policies, in terms of presence and participation in training, in the timely payment of the reimbursable fund to FEDICE and recovery internal funds of the organization.


The organization of 41 women and FEDICE hold a meeting in which we analyze a new proposal, for which they request a new reimbursable fund of $41,000 for the installation of the fattening cattle production project.




Beef cattle production


The 41 families have 82 cattle to fatten up.




General Objective


Improve the organizational, economic, nutritional and technical standard of living of the families of Jatun Juigua Yacubamba with the production of beef cattle.



Specific Objectives



  • Introduce improved animals in family productions.

  • Implement a training and technology transfer program.

  • Carry out the monitoring and evaluation of the project.

  • Increase the economic funds of the organization.




The project will be carried out as follows:


a) We will coordinate the activities with the producer families so that the project has normal compliance with FEDICE for the preparation, execution, installation, monitoring, training and evaluation of the project.

b) A reimbursable fund of $41,000 will be assigned for the purchase of animals. The resources are distributed equitably, $1,000 to each beneficiary in the form of a reimbursable fund for the installation of the project. They will sign a bill of exchange or promissory note.

c) Recover every 4 months the capital plus the individual cost of training and monitoring of their societies, that is, an amount of $383.33 and create a rotating fund to give loans within the organization.

d) Make decisions based on a periodic evaluation.

e) The beneficiaries must actively participate in the preparation and implementation of the project.

f) Contribute with grass ¼ Ha. to guarantee the feeding of cattle, facilities such as pens for the technical rearing of animals.

g) Purchase of animals at fairs, production centers or in nearby communities.

h) Transportation for the purchase of animals, labor for planting pastures and for the care of animals.

i) Actively participate in the different trainings that FEDICE will give each month.

j) Submit production and reproduction reports

k) Fully pay the reimbursable fund.

l) Joint evaluation.








The number of beneficiaries for this project proposal is 41 families requesting a reimbursable fund of $41,000 for the purchase of 82 bulls.

The reimbursable fund will be delivered under institutional policies, that is, the organization covers $6,150 for training and follow-up, which will be paid every 4 months.




The follow-up of the activities will be carried out through: home visits to verify the productions, meetings to analyze difficulties and solve existing problems, recommendations and planning of activities. The families involved in the project will participate.


The activities to be carried out will be compiled through reports, records and photographs, which will serve for analysis in the evaluation.


The progress of the project will be evaluated fairly in terms of the objectives set, in the plan of activities, budgets, goals and impacts. It will be carried out through: visits, interviews with the beneficiaries, meetings, among others. All the families involved in the project will participate in this process.


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