It is a community located very close to the beautiful Cotopaxi volcano. FEDICE aims to establish sustainable agriculture using local natural resources. This initiative involves efficient production of cattle, pigs, sheep and white onions. FEDICE has also offered training in skills, technology, administration, and management. In terms of finances, FEDICE loans 26% of funds and Romerillos provides the remaining 74%. After 7 years of work, the organization of Romerillos has undergone major changes with respect to fundamental issues such as capital, human talent and organization.  Operating capital for 2018 is $ 34 973.26 dollars. From which the partners can access loans ranging from $ 500 to $ 2000. The organization currently has a capital of $ 13 678 that is distributed among the 29 partners, each partner has a contribution of $ 471.65.

The partners have programmed savings of $ 6872 dollars (each partner has an average of $ 236.96).  In 2017, the organization earned $ 1, 173.50 in profit.

During the 7 years, the partners received 84 trainings, which include topics such as animal husbandry, crop management and administration, and accounting.