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Number of beneficiaries: 27 families


Province:             Cotopaxi

Canton:               Latacunga

Parish:                 Pastocalle

Community:       Romerillos




Create the organizational and financial conditions that guarantee the sustainability of the organization.



1. Increase the operational capacity of the organization.

2. Improve the processes of registration and collection of resources.

3. Form human capital capable of reacting to the daily problems of the Bank's operations.

4. Link to the organization of the local economic system.



a) The organization has assets of $32,500. This value refers to the sum of the savings of the partners $11,500, $16,000 capital and $5,000 profit for the year 2019.

b) We have encouraged a culture of savings. To date the total savings add up to $11,500.00. On average, each member has saved $425.92.

c) The credits that the organization delivers to the partners are used to promote productive activities. Examples of the positive effect we have:

  • Family nutrition is improving, families allocate an average of one liter of milk per day for food.

  • With the production of onions and pigs, families have greater economic resources to pay for education, health and housing expenses.

  • We have generated access to credit in more suitable conditions for people.


• By 2022, the organization's equity increases by 20% ($6,500).

• At the end of the project the organization will have legal status.

• The operational management of the organization will be 100% in the hands of the menbers of the group.

• We will obtain a minimum profit of $6,000.

• Total savings will increase by 28% ($ 1,620) compared to 2019.




FEDICE has completed eight years working with the Dulces Angelitos women´s group in Romerillos. During this time, we were able to witness positive changes in the lives of the beneficiary families. Now they are organized, they have capital to finance their micro-businesses, they learned the importance of saving, they are capable of managing their projects, they understood that solidarity is not limited only to the people who make up the organization.

We could show more examples, however today, we believe that we have fulfilled our mission "Improve people's living conditions", for this reason, the next two years will be the final stage of our work in Romerillos.

Our colleagues are organizationally and financially prepared to take on the challenge of working for themselves. Taking on this challenge implies that they will gradually work on their own, accompany them in the legalization process and consolidate the knowledge acquired since 2012.

In this latest project, FEDICE will meet the three technical requirements (financial, human and legal talent) necessary to complete the work in a community in accordance with our institution's operating manual.




FEDICE will deliver $8,000 to the organization "Dulces Angelitos" of Romerillos, which will be invested to deliver credits from 100 to 2,500 dollars. The project will be for two years. For the reimbursable fund that the organization receives, it must pay 15% annually on the value of the capital. The interest payment will be proportional in 6 quarterly dividends. The capital will be paid at the end of the two years of the project.


Ephesians 4:15

Rather, living the truth in love, we should grow in every way into him who is the head, Christ.



Currently with the organization we are working on the accounting issue (Recovery of loans, issuance of receipts, credits, accounting records and financial and economic analysis) and organization (modifications of internal regulations for the good management of its own resources) since it is a community where its financial contribution is greater than FEDICE.

Now we are working on an accounting program for the communities that have been strengthened in our history of working together with each family. Now the organization is in the stage of walking alone through the resources that they now have as a result of several years of working together with us.

It is a joy that our friends and colleagues from Romerillos now begin to walk alone with the learning acquired from our technicians.

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