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Recovery Of Funds In The Community Of Pupaná Sur

{Originally posted November 6th, 2013}

In this community, FEDICE helped with a reimbursable fund of 13,440.00 dollars, which were distributed to 20 families (672 dollars each). In Pupana Sur the beneficiary families are dedicated tú the raising of pigs and milk cattle.

The sixth Project executed by the community of Pupana Sur, Cotopaxi came to an end on October 24, and the organization of 20 families prepared a very agreeable meeting in thankfulness for all the help, training and funds received. On this occasion, the FEDICE team was accompanied by the Vice President of the Executive Committee of the foundation, Lic. Digna Chacha (in the center).

In 2014, this community will start a new Project among the five areas (human, administrative, legal, economic and technological) considered in the present model of intervention formulated by FEDICE for the next five years. The initiative of the activities is foreseen during the next few months.

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