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Isolina Salazar, 31 years old, is a single mother of 3 children: One male and two twins:

• Andy Sánchez 11 years old, currently in the second year of the Pusir Educational Unit.

• Emily Sánchez 9 years old, studying in the Pusir Educational Unit.

• Naomi Sánchez 9 years old, studying in the Pusir Educational Unit.

They currently live in a house owned by Isolina's sister; they pay $ 50.00 per month. The father of her children lives in Loja and for more than 6 years, he has not come to see them, nor does he receive any financial help from him.

Isolina currently has a construction that began 4 years ago, worked a month, but then did not have money to continue due to lack of resources, it could not do anything else.

The construction is 12 x 6 square meters. The interior layout is planned for a 3x6 kitchen; living room - dining room 3,5x6; two 3.5x3 bedrooms and a 2.5x1.5 bathroom.

The construction has no roof; she asks for an eternit roof, similar to the houses we have built in Pusir.

The walls are not finished, only the block seen and columns. The floor is a mixture of cement and stone. It is not level, she paid a person to do all the jobs she currently has in construction.

Isolina currently has gravel and sand, approximately 8 cubic meters. The house obviously does not have basic services, she mentions that she would bring the light from her dad's house or she will ask it.

Isolina is committed to providing food for people who come to support construction (workers).

In addition, with the nece ssary mingas (labor days) with her family, father, brothers and cousins.


In the community, to support the other people where it is going to be built. If she is not benefited, she should move to her father's house, it is too much deteriorated construction of adobe. He has not been able to finish his house because he does not have much income from the sale of his products.

Isolina is dedicated to the production of peppers and beans.

The construction needs 6 windows of different dimensions:

2 of 90 cm x 90cm           1 of 75cm x 90cm            1 of 80cm x 90cm

1 of 75cm x 75cm            1 of 1.50 m x 75 cm.





• Leveling of columns and internal and external walls.

• Installation of roof and metal structure.

• Floor masonry

• Installation of electrical system.

• Installation of windows and doors.

• Facade plastering.

• Painting application.



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