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Ecumenical Foundation for Integral Development, Training - Education, FEDICE is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. Its headquarters are located in Quito, Ecuador.


FEDICE was created in 1994 by Víctor Vaca (Ecuador) and Violet Groth Vaca (United States). The dream of Violeta and Víctor was to create an organization that works with the families of rural communities through productive projects that are managed especially by women, who have been historically relegated and have not had access to education and training.



Currently FEDICE works with 17 groups of women from communities located in the provinces of: Cotopaxi, Imbabura, Carchi and Esmeraldas. With training as a transversal axis, FEDICE works with groups of women whose main objective is the improvement of the living conditions of their families and their communities.



The activities of FEDICE are framed within four main areas: productive agricultural and livestock projects; microfinance; fair trade, construction work with missionary groups and volunteers.


FAITH without works is dead, says in James 2:17, so in FEDICE we work with the people of the communities putting our FAITH into practice, working with joy and hope with the women, men, boys and girls of the communities.

FEDICE's Area of  Influence

For over 25 years, FEDICE has worked to empower indigenous and marginalized communities of Ecuador to break the cyclical chains of poverty, discrimination and injustice. Over this time, we have invested $1.2 Million USD in 56 communities in order to increase the quality of life for nearly 20,000 Ecuadorians. We currently work with 17 communities in four  provinces: Carchi, Imbabura , Cotopaxi and Esmeraldas.


Our work is done at the community level in order to simultaneously tackle the complex and interwoven issues of economic development, social justice, gender equity, leadership development and capacity building. In the process, we hope to assist our partners in achieving greater solidarity, hope and prosperity in their lives.

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