FEDICE was founded in 1994 by Dr. Victor Vaca and Violet Groth Vaca using $8,000 in “wives money” that Violet had stashed away. Their vision was to build an organization based on the active gospel of Christ, with emphasis on social justice, unity and peace. 


Focused on holistic social development, Victor and Violet were life-long missionaries who worked in Ecuador, Switzerland and in Paraguay — where Victor was sent to prison for their activities and both were later exiled from the country. They also spent time in Europe, consulting for the International Council of Churches on development projects around the world.


They forged their final chapter together by empowering dozens of communities in Ecuador — Victor’s home country — to break free from cyclical poverty and injustice by extending both economic opportunity and the tools to capitalize on it. More than twenty years later, though both have passed, their legacy lives on.