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Margarita Fonte lives in the community of Pijal Centro - Province of Imbabura. She belongs to "Centro Pijal -CACPIC" women gruop  . Margarita's business was affected by the shortage of merchandise due to the Coronavirus pandemic.For this reason she asked  FEDICE  a fund in order to economically reactivate her business in the community.



Term: 18 months

Payment: monthly dividends

Destination of the fund: Purchase of  fruits, vegetables and raw materials.

following and Evaluation: Monthly visits, photos, videos, invoices.


In the interview with Margarita on July 12, 2021, update information she said sales of fruits, vegetables and handicrafts have decreased due to the partial reactivation of activities. Now, the residents of Pijal go out to Otavalo or González Suárez to buy.

Because of this, Margarita has chosen to go out and tour the neighborhood, carrying her products to offer to the neighbors. This strategy has generated a positive effect to maintain sales volume.

However, Margarita considers that sales could be increased a little more with the injection of capital in her businesses.

debe cumplir con el pago del 100% del capital y las coutas restantes del interés.


Margarita Fonte has paid 11 of 18 installments for a total value of $1,440.21. Margarita has complied with the monthly payments within the established terms.


Margarita Fonte requests the renewal of the credit for a value of $2,000 for a term of 2 years. For this, Margarita must comply with the payment of 100% of the capital and the remaining interest payments.

9. Conclusion and recommendation

Based on the good fulfillment of the payments that Margarita has been making a FEDICE and considering that the resources received by her have been well invested in benefit of the living conditions of the family, the renewal of the current credit is recommended under the parameters requested and considering the future monitoring and evaluation of FEDICE.

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