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Second Letter From Blanca Puma

{Originally posted April 18th, 2013}

Hello Friends,

I´m writing now from the FEDICE office in Oregon on April 17th.

I want to begin by saying how blessed I feel for having the opportunity to be here and how happy I feel to be the voice for many people in Ecuador. But more than anything else, I want to say Thanks to God, for all these people who are standing behind us.

Last Sunday afternoon we had a memorial service in honor of Victor Vaca. It was an occasion to see people who know about FEDICE, people who knew Victor, and new people who were there for the event. It was so wonderful to see how many people remembered him, and how they want to keep supporting his work; the work of FEDICE.

It was a special moment, and this time it was my turn to talk about our friend and fellow-worker who is no longer with us physically. He continues doing his work by moving hearts and putting his ideals into other people.

We showed photographs and shared memories. Some of those present told anecdotes about Victor, some of which were poignant and others of which were happy. That was Victor, a mixture of sentiments, of valor, of inspiration, and above all, of teachings.

For me, it was a very special moment when the Regional Ministers, Dr. Douglas Wirt and Dr. Cathy Myers Wirt (Co-Regional Ministers of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oregon), asked me to come to the front. They said, "Blanca, you are not alone. FEDICE is not alone. God is with you, we are with you, and we will keep on supporting you and working beside you for the people in the communities."

I thank God for them. I give thanks because I am here now, and also because I will be continuing my journey. Now more than ever I know that I am on the right road. I will continue going to those places where it is necessary to obtain help, to carry the message of the communities, and above all to proclaim our determination that FEDICE must continue with its activities.

Blanca Puma

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