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Third Letter From Blanca Puma

{Originally posted April 20th, 2013}

Hello my friends,

Now I am in Junction City, a beautiful city near Eugene, Oregon.

Thanks to God, once again I can see the interest of the people in supporting us. I have had the opportunity to present the work of FEDICE, especially the new project of Maca Atápulo. But above all I've shared with them, their love, their smiles, their food, their hugs, and their hearts open to receive me.

I have conversed with two young ladies who are interested in spending time working with us, working as volunteers. May God help us to look for the best opportunities for them and to show them the same love and security that they are giving to me while I am here.

We will keep up our dialogue, and they can help us with many activities. I have told them that they can be new ambassadors for FEDICE. How wonderful! Thank God for them. It's fantastic that more and more people may be sharing the work of FEDICE. They will help us to support the people, to share our dreams of better days, and to better the conditions for our brothers and sisters in Ecuador and the United States.

Thanks to the people of this region, who in spite of their multitude of activities, have carved out a time to listen to me, to hear about our efforts to change the conditions of life for some people of Ecuador. I had the opportunity to get to know a precious little boy. Thomas (8 months old) is the son of April Oristano, one of the good friends who participated in these meetings.

Besides the many work-related activities, I have also had the opportunity to visit beautiful places, to know and have different experiences. We have traveled by bus and by train. Oregon is a beautiful place, has many things similar to Ecuador, but they are special to here. Beautiful flowers are changing colors at this time. God is showing himself to us in each region, in every place that we live.

Something that I found very interesting here was that when more people arrived than had been planned for, they started to move the walls. Yes, my dear friends, they moved the walls, on rails in this church! And I understand that in many places, they can move panels to have the space that they need, or transform a large space into two or three areas. It was really a novelty to me!

I am now leaving for Salem and more activities, thanks to God. I'm leaving Oregon with much nostalgia for the people from here, but I am ready to go to Texas. However I leave with the certainty of labor completed, and with the conviction that there are people waiting for me. Thank you, God, for all that you have prepared for me, for the blessings received from all the people here.

Here I come!

Blessings from a distance,


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