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An Evangelical Pastor And A Catholic Priest

{Originally posted May 26th, 2013}

I met Dr. Victor Vaca many years ago, before I was a member of the Group of Women of FEDICE "Santa Rosa" - Cotopaxi.

The Doctor visited with Father Carlos Jiménez (a catholic priest). And they conversed a lot about theology, politics, and the Bible. Father Carlos helped with the Bible courses in the groups from Planchaloma, Cotopaxi, where the doctor was working.

These two men gave us a great lesson, because when they sat down for a conversation it was not for the purpose of fighting over who was right, or the things that separate us in the churches, but rather they were searching for God's will, what God wanted to accomplish through them.

Today I am aware that ecumenism is really possible, that showing love and service to those in need is more important than social condition, creed or ideology.

They gave us a great example of tolerance, respect and helpfulness. I would like to add that Father Carlos Jiménez also left us 5 years ago due to pulmonary cancer. And Dr. Victor now has also gone on before us.

I am sure that in the place where God has destined them, they are cheering each other on to continue with their work. Dr. Victor fought for the most needy and poor of this country, and he will continue to live in each group that he founded as our friend, father, and brother.

Thank you for your support.

With Love,

Narcisa Acuña

FEDICE Group from Santa Rosa - Cotopaxi

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