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Christmas Party in San Francisco

{Originally posted January 21st, 2014}

Each year FEDICE's team organizes Christmas programs for the day care centers where we are working.

This year was no exception, and, thanks to God, we have the support of brothers and sisters from the United States who generously contributed to the purchase of candy and toys. In the children's center in San Francisco, this year was even more special because now they have Victor Vaca's name, who, as you know, was one of the founders of FEDICE.

The day care center was full of children, their parents, their relatives, all overjoyed. It was a very special day, was the day of the celebration of Christmas, a day to share, to play, and a day to receive candies and toys.

Each of the teachers skillfully and patiently had organized presentations with their groups. There were Santa Claus, Santa’s wife, elves, and dwarfs. It was really beautiful to see the dedication and effort they had put into organizing this event. One by one they were presenting their numbers, some shyly, afraid, others with confidence. But all were very happy.

The mothers who work in the center had organized a fairy tale of the three little pigs and the wolf, wearing colorful costumes while narrating the story and captivating the children and adults. They left the message that, "Everything we do with patience is well done."

A big group of people representing the Victor Vaca’s family brought joy and fun for the children. An elf, Santa Claus, and other people dressed for various activities filled the place with fun.

After the presentations and words of adults and even children, the eagerly anticipated delivery time of candies and toys came. One by one, the children received their gifts, bringing big smiles to their faces.

Our thanks go out to the people who made these moments possible, and we thank God for your generosity in sharing with the children. Thanks, because you made possible these wonderful memories.


Blanca Puma Martinez

Executive Director of FEDICE

Quito - Ecuador

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