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Elvia Salazar, / Number of members 5

Elvia belongs to the group of women. She is 50 years old and lives with her four children and a granddaughter. Adalid Pavón and Janely, 14 years old, are studying the eighth year of secondary education. Lisbeth Pavón, 10 years old is studying the fifth year of primary education. 16-year-old Lederman Salazar is not studying because he helps his mother work in the crops. He left school due to lack of financial resources.

Description of the house

The house is block without corner columns and is already deteriorated.  The floor is dirt, and there is eternit on the roof. This house has three rooms (kitchen, and two bedrooms). The roof is already deteriorated and a beam is already broken in some parts, and is patched with pieces of plastic.

The measurements of the house is: 6.30 in front and 5.46 in depth. Since it is such a small house, there is overcrowding, having only two bedrooms.



Since the main problem is overcrowding and since the construction is already deteriorated, the recommendation is to destroy the house and make a new one, 56 m² which is larger than the current home. The family would ask the provincial government for machines to pull down the house.




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