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The Kurikucha Tourist Services Association (Lago de Oro) is an organization of both men and women established in November 2017, and they are located in the community of Jatun Waykopungo, in the canton of Otavalo of the province of Imbabura.

KuriKucha's main objective is providing tourist services in the area surrounding Lake San Pablo. Another part of their activities includes the preparation and sale of food, especially during the weekends when many people enjoy going the lake. Another of the organization’s activities is also to increase entertainment options for children (such as trampolines, inflatable games, etc.) to attract more families. FEDICE has decided to support them, and as of March 26th, 2018 their project has been added to Fedice's productive projects. We wish this new group success, we will be accompanying them in their journey, and we hope that God will bless their labor.

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