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The CACPIC Savings and Credit Union was born with the union of 15 families and the cooperation of the Plano Church with an initial contribution of $5,000. At the present time, it has a capital of $15,000 dollars which the organization has achieved by working together and with programmed monthly savings. Now the technical team of FEDICE is training the people of the credit union in a new accounting system which will permit them to technically manage their resources adequately and to obtain the account balances immediately. CACPIC was formed as a financial alternative for the families of Pijal to be able to have access to immediate credit to finance their productive activities.

In addition to the savings and credit union, FEDICE has also had many other projects in the Pijal area, many of which were sponsored or completed by groups in the United States. For example, The Christian Church of Plano, led by Doug Deuel, funded and completed the construction of a new children’s center and playground. This church also funded the construction and furnishing of a house for a single mother and her 4 children, who used to live under a staircase. FEDICE also has given them trainings in cooking, nutrition, personal hygiene, and housekeeping. This family now has a chance to succeed and live with dignity. Additionally, the Plano church has worked on The New Jerusalem Church, and another home, for a grandmother caring for her 4 grandchildren after their parents died.

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