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Fifth Letter From Blanca Puma

{Originally posted April 26th, 2013}

Texas, Simply fantastic!

Now I find myself writing about my time in Texas, and over and over I want to say thanks to God, thank you for the warm welcome I received, thank you for permitting me to get to know more beautiful things in your creation, each place is more beautiful than the last, each place has its own particular beauty, but each one is simply the creation of God.

I had only a few days in Texas, but they were full of a variety of activities and opportunities to talk about FEDICE, to go to the opera, to visit horses, to speak in a school with almost 400 students and professors, to meet with people who are interested in working with FEDICE, and of course, to speak in the churches and to enjoy the food, as I have in other places.

Saturday evening I had the opportunity to go to the opera. This is one of the gifts that God has put in my path, simply marvelous. Bill Arnold's older brother participated in this opera. (Bill is the leader of the group that supports us in Fort Worth.) It was really wonderful….unforgettable.

On Sunday, April 21, I was speaking in a church in Plano. They are the people who started the work on the Infant Center in San Francisco. How wonderful to see these friends, although sometimes it was difficult for me to remember all their names, especially when they saw their photos and remembered the moments that they were in Ecuador. Above all, they asked, "How is the Infant center now?" I told them the people of San Francisco are working hard and have made much progress in the construction, but they still need help to finish it. Later, we were able to talk in detail about "Their project", the construction of the Infant Center in Pijal. This is in the parish of

Gonzalez Suarez, in the province of Otavalo. For those who have been in the area, Pijal is located near the community of Caluquí, where the Infant Center is called Violeta Groth Vaca. How beautiful it was to listen to their

interest, their decision to come (at this time, there are 22 people in the group), and help us, Thanks to God. They are planning on coming in August, and of course we (FEDICE) and the community are waiting for them with open arms and hearts overflowing with gratitude.

Monday was the time to speak in the Fort Worth Country Day school. It was simply a moving experience, first of all because I could talk briefly to the students in Bill´s class, and then, WOW, WOW. I have been speaking about FEDICE, in the churches, with the pastors, with many people, with few people, sometimes with just two or three people, but this was really impressive! Close to 400 students and professors were in front of me while I was explaining what FEDICE is, how we work, and asking for help with the people of our communities.

A group of students and three professors from this place worked in the Infant Center of San Francisco last year. They have decided to go next year and continue with this work. There are even more people interested in helping. Over and over again, Thank you God for this. As I have said, if God helps us we can finish this center this year. There is so much to do and so many people to help that surely we will find work for all who can come.

Some of the mothers of the young people who had come to Ecuador came to listen to me and learn more about the place where their children had visited and to learn more about the people and the organization which they are supporting. What good and agreeable words I heard. Even now, my ears are buzzing with individuals who said to me, "I want to help, I want to go. What can I do? I want to be an Ambassador for FEDICE." I just thank God, over and over again. Well, we are waiting for you, our beloved brothers and sisters.

Thank you, Bill, thank you Debby, for your wonderful hospitality. Thank you, God, because now my English is better, I can communicate much better with people. But all of this work would be impossible without the help of people like you, who have the time, the patience, the generosity, and above all the interest in supporting us. May God bless you all greatly.

Just as has happened in other places, there was the happiness of arriving to meet our friends, of sharing, of laughing, of enjoying, and then the sadness of having to say goodbye. But we always say a simple, "Until next time!" May God allow us to get together again very soon, in Ecuador or in the US, it doesn´t matter. What really matters is to know that God put us on this path to help, if only a little, to change the lives of some people in Ecuador, and of some brothers and sisters in the USA.

Now, the journey continues: Minnesota! It is time for FEDICE, USA. All the activities are important, everything counts, and as I have said, all help is welcome.

We´ll see you soon!


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