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Recovery Of Funds In The Community Of Cochapamba

{Originally posted November 6th, 2013}

On October 7th, the community of Cochapamba finalized their 6th project, and on that day the women of the organization paid back the fund of 28,000.00 dollars.

Each of the 50 beneficiaries gave back to the reembursable fund the 560 dollars that had been given to them last year with the object of financing the production of White onions, sheep, or beef cattle.

The directors of the organization applied a very effective method to avoid receiving false bills by writing the number of each associate on each bill.

In this project, the organization increased their capital by 3,000.00 dollars, which they use to make credits to the associates.

For the next agricultural project (which will be number 7) there are plans to install an office for this organization. The fundamental purpose is to better the productivity in the administration by means of using technology and training. In the photograph is Engineer Marco Garzón, zoo-technician of FEDICE, and Mrs. María Hortensia Toapanta, president of the Women´s Organization of Cochapamba are showing where the future office is being considered.

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