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Report On The Visit To Pusir, of October 29th, 2013

{Originally posted November 7th, 2013}


Continue with the process of intervention in the community of Pusir Grande.

Specific Objectives

1. Compile technical data about the structure of the computer center.

2. Introduce the executive committee to the community.


1. Compiling the data on the construction.

The civil engineer, Cosme Yepez, a FEDICE board member, carried out compilation of the following data: the space between the columns, the width of the roof, the union between the concrete columns and the metalic columns, the type of materials used for the structure in construction.

The preliminary conclusion once the data was analyzed was that finishing the computer center was viable. The aforementioned data are in the adjoining document that was solicited by EMI.

2. The Presentation of the Executive Committee of FEDICE

With the objective of bettering the processes of intervention in the communities, members of the executive committee of FEDICE (Technologist Sebastián Caiza - Executive President, Civil Engineer Cosme Yépez - Secretary, Pastor Gabriel Mugmal - Board Member), visited the beneficiaries of this Project. The basic purposes were: to get to know the beneficiaries, understand the destination of the reimbursable fund, and know the expectations from the project.

The beneficiaries expressed the following: “we are grateful for the confidence of Danny and FEDICE...( ), We are women who work, and we struggle day by day to take home the bread for our homes…( ). The credit of $200.00 dollars apeice is very useful, because we have used it to finance our commercial endeavors. The help we have received is a seed that we are going to take care of so that it will grow and produce fruits”.

The president of FEDICE's Board, Technologist Sebastián Caiza, told the people that it was a pleasure to get to know them and he hoped that all of the planned activities would be carried out with success. Our colleague Sebastián shared with them the work experiences (helping with construction and the creation and fortifying of organizations), that FEDICE has been doing since 1994. He also emphasized that FEDICE does not base its work on distinction of religion, but that the foundation is based on the solidarity of human beings.

Pastor Gabriel Mugmal, a FEDICE board member, voiced his hope that, in everything that the women do, they do in the name of God. “Faith in God should unify us to do everything better.” Our colleague Gabriel promised to visit them and help them with the raising of animals.

Finally, the women expressed their gratefulness for the visit of the FEDICE executive committee, and the hope that the help given to them will continue.

Extra Activity

With respect to the football team, I met with three of the members. They were reminded of the promise which they assumed with Pastor Danny Coach (To preserve in good condition the central park of Pusir Grande).

Elaborated by:

Economist. Alejandro Pacheco

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