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Christmas Party In Romerillos

{Originally posted January 10th, 2014}

On behalf of FEDICE, I participated in the Christmas program organized by the Children's center in Romerillos on December 20th.

In the name of FEDICE there was a celebration of Christmas and the placing of the ribbon on the girl who was "Christmas, 2013". In addition it was explained why Blanca could not attend, and the commitment of FEDICE to continue their support of the educational center was confirmed.

Eight tables were given to the Children’s Center, and at the momento they were given it was clarified that they are a donation from Rosanne Franke.

At 1:00 pm, each child was presented with a bag of candies and a toy. There were some children who did not receive anything, the reason being that FEDICE had received a list of the children a month before, and in the last few weeks there were some new children, but the mothers committed themselves to solving that inconvenience the same day.

A gift and a bag of candies were given to each of the six mothers who work in the Children’s Center.

At 1:45 pm the mothers of the community invited us to lunch, and afterward we left.

In summary, the program was very entertaining, there were many skits and dances, and good participation was observed of the mothers of the community and the parents of the children.

By: Alejandro Pacheco

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