Misioneros de la ciudad de Kansas  trabajaron en la adecuacion del centro infantil de la comunidad de Caluqui en Otavalo.

Oregon volunteers worked in the education of the children's center of the community of San Pedro.

Young volunteers from the city of Kansas worked on the adaptation of the Tocagón children's center.

Construction of a house of 60 m2 for the family of Isolina Salazar. This project was funded by our friends from Weatherford-Texas through BRIDGING CULTURES.

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August 03, 2018

From July 28 to August 4, 2018, volunteers from "BRIDGING CULTURES & WEST DES MOINES CHRISTIAN CHURCH" will support of construction´s activities and Christian Education.


June 22, 2018

We have already started to plan the work to be done at the children's center of San Pedro, starting June 4, the preparation officially begins. Both Educators and parents will be involved in the tasks that need to be done. Before starting the work, we determined that it’s necessary to create a division between the classroom, dining room, and play area, especially because of the use of heat/fire in the kitchen. Because of this, we will build a wall to create divisions.


Tile was put in in the fourth-cycle classroom, dining room, kitchen, and hallway. Other flooring was installed in the first, second, and third cycle.


As of right now, the children's center will continue to run in old classrooms (that are very small) until the work has been completed.


From the 22nd to the 30th of June volunteers from "FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH FROM PLANO-TEXAS, DISCIPLES OF CHRIST" will help in necessary  adjusting and reinforcing of the tile flooring, and in painting various areas of the children's center. We are very happy and excited that very soon 40 of our children will enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere in their new children's center.


June 04, 2018

From June 4 to 12, 2018, volunteers from "BRIDGING CULTURES " will support of construction´s activities.


February 07, 2018


June 25, 2017


July 16, 2017


July 22, 2016

Complementary work on the Carpentry workshop,Fixing the home of María Sita Narváez, Interior painting of church.


June 15, 2016

The Children´s center benefits 40 children from 1 to 3 years of age, providing attention in early development.Dampness in the walls is negatively affecting the health of the children.

Volunteers of First Christian Church from Tyler TX did two activities in village of Pusir Grande:

1. building a new fencing   around medical center.

2. medical brigade.

Volunteers of Bridging Cultures built three new  corrals to goals.

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Amira Dughri, who is a professional reporter, came in February and together with Bethany Wagoner (volunteer of Global Ministries) visited some communities where Fedice works and filmed interviews. It was an arduous job, with a lot of dedication and professionalism that resulted in the production of several videos that help us spread Fedice's activities.

Dave Johnson and Craig Jenkins - Sutton, members of Fedice USA, came in the month of February and visited the communities of Caluquí, Pijal, Romerillos, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, El Chaupi and Cochapamba. In each of the communities, Dave and Craig were able to verify the productive projects and activities in which Fedice works together with the beneficiaries. They heard directly from the people, the achievements, the challenges and the changes that have been achieved in the families through working with Fedice.

Our good friends from the Southern Illinois Conference came in July and visited the community of Romerillos. The objective of his visit was to carry out the meeting for 2015 with the Fedice team. They were valuable moments to publicize the activities and especially the results particularly in the community of Romerillos. We take this opportunity to have a short program with the children of the Children's Center of this community, which is named after Lisa Franke.

Pastor Danny Couch and friends of Bridging Cultures, as they do year after year, came in July to work with the people of Pusir. This time, together with the teachers of the Pusir Grande Educational Unit, several classrooms of this educational center were adapted. As we always do, there was a presentation of Fedice's work and particularly of the activities that are being developed in this community with the support of these brothers from Weatherford, Texas, USA

Pastor Doug Deuel and 40 members of the Church of the Disciples of Christ in Plano, Texas, came in the month of August and worked in the parish of González Suarez. Distributed in four work groups, led by the Fedice team and the participation of people from the community, we held a minga (community work) to simultaneously work in four activities: Medical Brigade, Christian Education, Ophthalmology Clinic and construction. It was a wonderful time, of challenges, of coordination of activities but always in favor of the people who need this support.

Pat Billings, from Texas, came in August; she visited particularly Margarita Cuascota and her family (they live in the González Suarez parish, Otavalo) whom she supported for the construction of her home. Pat was able to verify how the living conditions of Margarita and her family have changed and how Fedice invested the money sent by her.

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Pastor Danny Couch and several people from the Church of Weatherford were in Pusir. They visited the computer center to verify the operation of this place they are helping to build.


Other activities were also carried out:


Tour of several places: San Vicente de Pusir, Tumbatu, El Ramal de Ambuquí, El Chota


Meeting with several people from La Molina, near Las Peñas Esmeraldas, province). The reason for visiting these places was to listen to the problem, possible help and basically stories of how they arrived at the place. Possible ways to cooperate with the inhabitants of this sector were discussed.

and several people from the Church of Weatherford were in Pusir. They visited the computer center to verify the operation of this place they are helping to build.


Other activities were also carried out:


Tour of several places: San Vicente de Pusir, Tumbatu, El Ramal de Ambuquí, El Chota


Meeting with several people from La Molina, near Las Peñas Esmeraldas, province). The reason for visiting these places was to listen to the problem, possible help and basically stories of how they arrived at the place. Possible ways to cooperate with the inhabitants of this sector were discussed.

A group of people from the Southern Illinois conference, led by Roseanne and Arnold Franke, visited the community of Romerillos and San Francisco. Susan Franke, conducted first aid classes and delivered first aid kits to several people in the two communities.


July 10, 2014

The Missionary group of the Christian church of Oregon, worked in construction activities, in the communal center of Cachiviro, in Otavalo; Christian education activities were also carried out with the children of the community.

Bernice Rivera, member of the group, conducted a leadership-training workshop for women in the community.

The Oregon brothers also participated in the 20th anniversary of Fedice.

We also take advantage of your visit so that they can visit the community of Romerillos.

Construction activities in Pusir, the adequacy of the computer center continues. In addition to the joint activities between the youth of Pusir and the members of the missionary group.

Pastor Doug Deuel from the Church of Plano, Texas, visited us with the goal of planning activities for August 2015. A group of 40 missionaries is planned to assist in construction activities, medical brigade, ophthalmology clinic and activities of Christian education.


May 14, 2014

A group of students and teachers of Fort Worth Country Day, came to work in the community of Romerillos, this time they participated in the construction activities and the great Minga (community work)  made for the smelting of the earthenware in the Day care center in Romerillos

They volunteered and lived in the communities of Romerillos and San Francisco during the months of April, May and June. The objective of these activities is to know more about Fedice's projects and especially to make a coexistence with people in the communities

Adaptation of a medical center in Pusir, with a group of students.


March 14, 2014

Hector and Tania are from the State of Oregon, they came with the objective of visiting several communities to learn about the Fedice projects and continue with the support for Fedice. The projects visited were Santa Rosa, Romerillos, San Francisco, Cochapamba, El Chaupi,

Volunteers of First Christian Church from Tyler Tx did several activities in the village of Pusir Grande:

a.  Installing the roof and painting in the computer center.

b. Medical brigade.

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Danny and Sammie Sadel, the objective of this visit was basically to coordinate future activities to continue supporting people in Pusir

Roseanne Franke, August: San Francisco inauguration of children's center and graduation of children

The group of missionaries of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) from Plano Texas, led by Pastor Doug Deuel, came to work in the community of Pijal, supported the construction of the children's center, and provided medical and ophthalmological care for the inhabitants of this community.

The main objective of this trip was to finished the construction activities in the convent and delivery of funds for the group of women of this community

Isabella Tyrasa, a young missionary from Germany visited us in February and March, her activities were talks on sexual education and reproductive health with young people from the San Rafael parish in Otavalo. Then she returned in August to help us with the missionary group from Plano who worked in Pijal.

Since March of this year, Fedice began to work with the Central Christian Church in Weatherford (Texas) for supporting the inhabitants of the Pusir Grande community (Carchi) . In this occasion, the missionary group worked on the adjustments in the convent, home visits and meeting with the women's group to initiate the project of credit and savings loans.

Alee Sable from Fort Worth Country Day, visits several projects and provided some English classes in San Francisco for children and working mothers of the CDI.

Bill Arnold, from Fort Worth Country Day and his family integrated by Debby (wife) and their children Taylor, Robert and Alison visited us in the month of March. His activities were meeting with the Fedice team. Visits to the children's centers in Romerillos and San Francisco

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She visited several communities of the San Rafael parish and in Cotopaxi, Jatun Juigua, Maca Atapulo, El Chaupi, Romerillos, San Francisco, South Pupana, Luz de América

Construction in Cachimuel, daycare center and work with children.

Visit of a group from the south Conference in Illinois to Romerillos daycare center and delivering of funds for the group; visit of productions and families in Luz de América.

Led by Pastor Carla Gregg, they worked in Cachimuel in the adaptation of the daycare center of the community.

Construction in the daycare center in San Francisco and work with children.

Training in several communities, preparation of dry seasoning in Francisco and visit to the daycare center Romerillos.

Look some pictures about of Mission Trip  2006 to 2011.

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